Juggling Responsibilities

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I’m trying to write in my diary every day, even if it’s just a little bit at a time. I’m also excited that I’ll be using English for my job as a tour conductor this month, even though my English skills are not yet sufficient. I wonder how it will go.

Unfortunately, my job and childcare responsibilities are overlapping, which is tough for my wife. In Japan, childcare can be very challenging, especially for families who are struggling financially. Have you considered what the future of childcare in Japan will look like? Do you think it will improve?

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Hello and welcome to our blog!
We are a married couple living in Kawasaki with our two lovely daughters, Momo and Coco, and our adorable cat, Selena.
Momo was born in March 2021 and Coco was born in April 2023. Selena joined our family in May 2019.
I work at a music agency and my wife is a nurse.
We love music, movies, traveling, and cooking. In this blog, we share our experiences and insights on parenting, as well as some tips and tricks to make it easier and more fun.
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