My Daughter and I at Kawasaki Sanno Festival

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On August 6th, I spent a delightful time at the Kawasaki Sanno Festival.

Inage Shrine, with its connection to Emperor Keiko, is a cherished historical gem of Kawasaki.

Inside the shrine’s precincts, lively food stalls lined up, and I had the chance to witness the “Shinkosai” procession of two portable shrines known as the “Peacock Mikoshi” and the “Tama Mikoshi,” parading through the 23 local neighborhoods.

The parade of the mikoshi, with depictions of stories like “Divine Marriage,” “Pregnancy,” and “Birth of the Divine Child,” along with their unique carrying styles, was truly captivating.

My daughter participated in the procession of the children’s mikoshi, passing beneath the “Tama Mikoshi” all the while praying for good health.

Because the “Peacock Mikoshi” symbolizes masculinity and the “Tama Mikoshi” symbolizes femininity.

We connected with the local community and shared precious moments.

In the Edo period, the Kawasaki Sanno Festival was referred to as the “Gion of the East” and has been beloved as a summer tradition of Kawasaki.

Amidst the rapidly transforming cityscape of Kawasaki, while few remnants of its historical heritage remain, the Kawasaki Sanno Festival proudly preserves the traditions of the medieval era.

This festival provides a glimpse into Kawasaki’s history. I invite you to join with your children and experience its charm firsthand.

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