Whirlwind of Experiences: A Journey of Language and Hospitality

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Long time no see! I’ve been having a great time these past two weeks, filled with valuable experiences. Today, I’ll share the whirlwind of events during this period.

It all began on May 26th when I unexpectedly had to attend four meetings. I had no prior knowledge of them until this morning—quite unbelievable! Today was particularly busy for me as I had the responsibility of welcoming customers from Australia at Haneda Airport.

I felt a bit nervous since I would be meeting foreign visitors who didn’t understand Japanese. By the time I reached Haneda Airport, I was already exhausted from completing numerous tasks beforehand. Unfortunately, the flight from Australia was delayed, and I had to wait at the airport for approximately two hours.

However, that waiting time turned out to be valuable because the Australian girl I was waiting for was incredibly kind and adorable. She needed a SIM card for Japan and wanted a Suica card for the local trains.

I accompanied her to the hotel, despite my limited English skills. Although I struggled, I made an effort to communicate. May 26th marked the beginning of this tour, and it’s a day I will never forget.

Since taking on this job, I’ve been studying English as much as possible every day. However, there are time constraints, and my study time is limited. Perhaps I wasn’t able to provide the guests with satisfactory service. If I have a similar opportunity in the future, I will dedicate even more time to studying English and learning about tours.

While I’ve traveled to all the prefectures in Japan, those experiences were solely for attending band concerts and not for sightseeing. I tried to be as energetic as possible because that was my only strength.

June 2nd turned out to be a significant event for me. We organized a farewell party in Shinagawa, and I was determined to lift everyone’s spirits. Unfortunately, I tripped and broke my right foot.

Many guests expressed concern for me, and I’m deeply grateful for their kindness. I have a strong affinity for people from overseas and a desire to improve my English skills. I hope for another opportunity like this in the future and will strive harder in my studies, dreaming of that day.

To everyone who has been involved with me during this time from all around the world, thank you very much. Let’s meet again. I want to convey your kindness to my family.

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